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The St. Louis Blues celebrate every win by playing Lauren Branigan’s pop-disco song, “Gloria.” Here’s the unlikely story that led to the victory song that’s taking over hockey.

By now, you’ve definitely heard “Gloria.” If not, you’ve at least heard every St. Louis Blues fan on Earth yelling “Play Gloria!” every time their team wins. When the Blues win, the 80’s disco classic by Laura Branigan blasts through the sound system at the Enterprise Center as 18,400 fans in attendance dance and sing along. It seems like one of those long-standing NHL stadium traditions, dormant for years of the team struggling and brought back to life by the Blues’ very recent success. It is not. Its origins are exactly the opposite.

It all started at a bar in Philly. Yes, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. On January 6th, the night before their game against the Philadelphia Flyers, Blues players Jaden Schwartz, Robbi Fabbri, Robert Bortuzzo, Alex Steen, Joel Edmundson and their friend Larry “Flowers” Yatan (who invited them to the club) went to Jacks NYB, a private bar in Philly, to watch the Eagles play the Bears in their NFL wildcard game.

During commercials, a club member kept requesting the song “Gloria,” as it was the club’s victory song for a New Year’s parade they had won a few days before. It resonated with the Blues players who adopted it as their own victory song after beating the Flyers the next night. The Blues finished the back half of the season as the hottest team in the NHL and the rest was history. Gloria turned the last place Blues into the Western Conference’s best team. Larry Flowers explained the story in detail on the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast back in early April (Skip ahead to around 34:40 for Larry).